Muslimah architect

I am one!!! Tq owh so muslim for this poster.
What does it means? What have i done for the ummah.
Of course i have built musolla and such. But being a muslimah architect wasnt all about building a religious building (and its not everyday u’ll get projects like this)

It is more than that.
It could be about the principle u had, ethics of work. Being true, upholding your responsibilty, putting rights into the correct hands, and being true to a contract….. Would means something to the unmah
It could be about making sure of every details you made encourage community to follow the sunnah… The ummah might not notice this, but with a small ammendments made, u would just make hundreds of people stepping into the rest room with their left feet. Simple.
It could be implementing elements that could reminds people of jannah, elements that could prosper peace and humanity.
It could also be – giving charity work ti the unfortunate. I. Whatever way you could thru your work.

Are you. Muslimah architect too? Insyallah, may all our good intention be under the guidance of Allah



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