Breaking Dawn Part 2

Well, since i’ve made the coming soon, surely i’d write a review… This is the first time i ran to the movie on the second day of release, not that because i’m dying to watch, just due to time restriction, i’d say.
So its here! The last part of the saga, the movie that fans has been waiting for years! The time where we have been waiting to see Bella as a vampire!

Could I be an unsatisfied fan? First of all, if you are not a fan of twillight, or not a fan of Stephenie Meyer, dont trouble yourself watching and waste your time condemning ok.

I have some trouble watching throughout the movie. My first impression was:
1. jaggered. Once scene to the other are not a smooth connection..what happen, Bill Condon? At the moment I am into a scene (which was slow to swallow in) it was abruptly changed to another scene, which sometimes unrelated to the prev-scene.
2. I am dying to see the ‘prettier’ vampire Bella. I was so frustrated. She is not much different than before, maybe just better hair and red eyes. Others, she seems the same. Her skin color is still different from Edward!and she was just, dead…shouldnt she be pale-er? She didnt look like a hungry vampire either. In my mind, i did think-how they want to make Bella prettier, she’s already so cute. Well, seems they’ve not been working so hard
3. So, till the end, new ‘spec’ of Bella wasnt been shown, except for she is stronger. One that doesnt read the book would not get it
4. The Edward-Bella-Renesmee family love – I did not dig that. Could not swim in that emotion at all. Mother-daughter bond was not there. All three of them were stiff. And oh, so does Jacob-Nessie thingie..not delivered
5. Funny moments in the book were’nt working here in the movie
6. The clumpsy new vampire. Nothing shows this! Bella just became a too perfect Bella
7. Edward-the worried impression-was not there! I mean…. He remain cool…..doesnt he has to be worried or crushed or something?
8. The other vampire does not shimmer!
9. The most ridiculous part-crawling Edward and Bella. Vampires crouch! They dont crawl!

I fully understood that there is so much thing in the book, and it may be difficult to compose a rendition of the movie, but somehow viewers deserve better, they cant expect everyone has read the novel.

But, as much as there were dissapointment, but I would stil say its a MUST watch for twillight fans! Most of it because

1. Of the scene not in the book! Its a brilliant addition! It got me choked! I was suprised! I loved it to the max- not telling what-go watch-its worth
2. Edward’s hair was the best in this twillight
3. I love those more werewolves part
4. The action scene! And where Alice became a hero! Owhhhh that cute lil vampire brings in a big effect this time
5. All of the other vampires. I was dying to see them! And they were awesome! The one played ad Benjamin, he was such a character! Made a great vampire. Kate- a one pretty vampire. The Amazons, they dont look like a vampire at all, more like: bats. The draculas were awesome! Hahahahah they live in their character! Alistair, was far from my imagination, I thought he’ll be more ‘haggish’ than that.
6. Its a great ending. Stephenie Meyer brilliantly made a good start and end it nicely, the whole world would be envy to Edward and Bella. And i love the ending scene. As usual it end in the meadow, love it. This is where their love begin, and where it stay. Yup… There’s no end…its just, stay.

I’d give my most round of applause to Michael Sheen who played Aro, the vampire in that cool brass band uniform. He played the best. Voice, intonation, expression, so much in character. Jahat yang cute. Hahaahah

So overall, it ends well, as for the fans who wants more…i think its enough. It has nicely end just like that, so leave it okay. It is not their best Twillight, (i’m still a fan of Eclipse) so, since it’s not a bomb, dont get over excited to make a series of it. You might ‘kill’ twillight. Just let Rob Patz and Kristen play their real life drama.










To me,


Image are all from google. And to me that black n white poster is the best poster of Breaking Dawn, source are on the pic


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