Recently we read about Gaza everywherr, we speak of it at anytime. Heartbreaking, it is. Some refuse to look at this cruelty. Some love to spread all the bloody pictures of the syahids.
Once, i had afrain myself to look at them. Once i cant bare looking at the crying moms. Once i just pray quietly, for their safety.
But this time, i look, i stare, and try to understand. And let the tears pour. Air mata adalah pelembut hati, especially when it was for Allah. It made me think, it made me feel, it touches not just my heart but every inch of me. They were in my sleep? Nightmare??? No, more as prayers, a reason to ask more from Allah..for them, and for us here, for the whole world.

I dont have to spread this awareness, no. Everyone knows this. And all are aware of our responsibilities. And all are doing them, now insyallah.

But what had me struck was- we, aming us, fights and argue. In my facebook recently, arguements were made, on ways to help Gaza! On boycotting! Even on spreading news!! Pleaaase dear frens!!! They are fighting for life! Yet we are arguing whether to eat macdonalds or not. How shallow we are!!!

Some are trying to help while the other objected. Some are sharing awarenss while some are booing on them. In a way, i am thinking, if they knew, i am sure they knew, are laughing at us. Laughing at our losing bonds, separated beliefs and different stand.

Which make me sad. If the same war happen in our country, nauzubillah, i am not sure how strong us muslims are. Could we all hold hands protecting our child??? We may not. We may be pointing at each other blaming.

Lets just hope that wont hppen. Lets just hope we, all muslims in malaysia have the same stand, satu jemaah, not only satu bangsa, but satu jemaah.

May Allah protect palestine and us all


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