Zahraa soon to be 5

My eldest daughter will be 5 soon. Oh noooo 5??? This soon? I dont where has all my times went? But looking at my kids, time has surely gone quick.

Zahraa is such a joy gift for us. He’s clever, funny and the best part of her that make me miss her every minute, is her drama. She always says things that make me laugh.

‘Mama, kenapa baca buku atas cushion macam tu? Oooooo situ selesa yaaaa’ with ya in her cute intonation

‘Oh mom!!!! Tq halau lipas for me..tq very much. You saved my life’

‘Mama, jangan marah yaya tau. Tak baik. Dosa. Nanti Alah marah, Allah hantar black snake kat mama’ oh no!!! Scaryying me!

‘Oh, my mom doesnt love me anymore. I am so sad’ – thats when she got scolded

‘Hmmmn this is delicious. Pandai mama masak. Tq mommmmm’ awwwwwe and there goes my meltin heart

‘Nasuha…dont cry litle sister. Yaya ada. Come lets hug’

I would miss her drama, for the rest of my life


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