Gone Girl : a review

Gone Girl, by Gilian Flynn. All i can say is – awesome!!!! And jumping in joy ( can u see me jumping and grinning) i loveeee this book!!!!
Its a book i can hardly put down- this should make you understood how much i love reading this. Its a book that keep you suspicious, and a suprise, at the beginning, mid and till the end!

Usually a book was written, as narrated by the main character. But Gone Girl was narrated by two, the husband and the wife. It begins with the wife who went missing on their 5th anniversary. She may have abducted, she may have run away, and her husband might kill her too!!!! In the beginning, the husband didnt seem to panic with the event, and curiosity came by. You could be team husband or team wife, reading this! And the end…errr i wont tell how it ends. I just wanna say its worth reading, so much

So its now for sale, as usual rm18 without postage. Postage will be rm6
Email me at zurahanimatgmaildotcom


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