Home made play dough

Its Maulidur Rasul holiday today (the birth of our Prophet Muhammad saw) and the three girls of us stayed home. I thought i want to bake some cakes, or finish those laundry.
But it seems to be a great day to ‘grow’ with my kids (will write bout this later) si i decided to make some play dough! The recipe is from here

And it turns out to be awesome. We rarely played play dough so my girls are really excited. Its nasuha’s first time playing this at home (i did not allow, but she already been playing at school, so what the heck right?)

I mixed them all in a vision. I warned you, dont follow me okay, instruction said pan, so pleaseee use pan. I had trouble with those glassware (serves me right)


Put it on a stove

Taraaaa its gonna get sticky like this


Divide them




Coloring process


And endless fun. You’ll be suprise of what lik kids would do with doughs. Oh yeah, this is safe, dont worry if your child accidently swallow it. They are just ingredients from you kitchen right.

Play doughs are simple, but they are beneficial for kids. From reading, i came to know that they help a lot in building motor skills, put a strength to the tiny muscles, creativity and imagination explored, extend investigation and possibilities. To sum up its for developing multi sensory of ur kids.
Its not only for girls, boys could benefit from them too. And there’s no age limit for it. Different age group would discover different angles to it. Add boxes, colors, stick, leaves, or cupcake container for your kids to explore an have fun

But the most important part it, the time you spend with your kids. Its precious



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