Wisdom tooth extraction

I came to know about my wisdom tooth issue some time longggggg ago. When i was 15. Thats was when i had an x ray before my braces was on. My dentist told me the position of my wisdom tooth would be an issue some day. At that time, they were just pushing all my lower front soldiers, making them squeezed in my small mouth. And at that time those braces helped.
But some years ago, those wisdom tooth has been a nightmare. And open door to my habit of taking pain killers..the second reason after my migraine. It was something i hated, something i had in me, something i am fighting off.

So why dont i get them out? Well obviously…duuuhhhhhh…of course i was scared! And of course i am with a baby bla bla bla, breastfeeding bla bla bla … And so goes my list of excuses. But the other reason was of course they are expensive. Damn expensive i would say. I had once brace myself to a dentist but (luckily) she said she is not doing it anymore, its a risky lil surgery yada yada (and yayyy for me at that fime)

But since last August, it had became worst. The whole row of my teeth were in pain. And came october, i could not bear it any longer. But it was soooo expensive, and was not cover by my medical. Till January came, one night i could not sleep, and cry and ….errr u can imagine i guess. And thats it..thats the last drill.

At last i visited We Care Dental Surgeon, Dr Law. And get it out. My mouth is small, and they was no space for the dentist to work on. And the wisdom tooth itself was already in bad shape. So what he did was to cut my teeth into 3 pieces, then cut off my gums, to take out the hooked roots, that has already got to my nerves. That was what made the pain keep coming again and again, with them being close to the nerves. The x ray and check up cost RM200+ and the surgery was RM670 -just sharing info with anyone who had the same issue. I fully recommend Dr Law, the whole process took 45 minutes instead of 2 hours, and Alhamdulillah i did not felt a thing! But pain and bla bla bla came after. Till today, i had a huge hole inside my mouth, the not yet covering gums, and its annoying, trapping food that i had.



Mine was that horizontal wisdom..not my pics, i mean i had that. I am expecting the same issue on my right side, as they are exactly the same. But for now i dont want to worry. My lower left jaw is in peace


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