i have been gone.. from blogging.. for quite some time.. always the same thing..too busy, no idea, but all in all.. there is not enough motivation for me to write again? yup.. that shud be it.. no need lah alasan tiada masa semua tu.. so i am —- LOST —– at what shud i start with again


The recent missing airplane MH370.. woww such a tragedy.. to the whole wide world. such a shock to all of us… i am just praying we can come to a conclusion to it real soon.. but also deep in my heart.. i was hoping we still searching.. they might be trap in a dark whole or something.. or they are just like in that series —- LOST —–


My turns turns upside down again.. at the time I was ready to blog again.. about babies and diapers and such.. i — LOST —- it again another missed miscariage. and had to go for D&C once again. This happened to me before, also at 10 weeks.. with the same manner.. found out the baby’s heart beat has stopped. Everything else had grew.. just the baby didnt. This time around… things are very very very different. I didnt jsut LOST the baby.. sut some part of me… are also —– LOST —– which i did not want to talk about for now. I am now sitting down as a different person.. different feeling … searching for a new beginning. I am totally not LOST. Knowing my self better..and what i want. May Allah is with me


One thought on “Lost

  1. kayla says:

    zooraaaaa…. i’m sorry to hear about ur lost 😦 i hope ur okay now… Allah knows best and In sha’ Allah ada hikmah di sebalik segalanya… take it from a girl who has been trying for years and has also experienced a lost 😦 anyways, miss reading ur blog! jom start bloggin balik macam dulu2 zaman before instagram jom

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