Updates on kekanak riang

Hmm tq peminat tegar anak anak aku 😛 😛 😛 Meh update on kanak kanak riang

Recently they have become the sweetest kids in the world (bias la kan) but more kepada melodramatic la sebenarnyaaa 😀

But they really accept our changes well.. in my opinion, at least. Of course there were complains from them a bit here and there, but they area accepting, trying to understand eventho they dont…. but most of all… they have been my strongest anchor. My doctor suggest me to hang on to someone, as an anchor for me to be stronger.. till i can stand on my own. I have been holding to to friends, in which i dont realize that actually.. my kids are my roots.. they have been there in front of me and I never realize.

Zahraa and Nasuha.. use to hug of me out of a sudden and say.. mom, you are my angel.. dont be sad okay. Yaya wants a happy angel… and there will be notes from her… in my bag, a drawing of me and a writing that says, i love you mom.. you are my angel.

They used to wipe away my tears too… didnt say anything.. just wipe.. and kiss and hug me tight. They do know what I really without me asking.

And many other occasion lah… oh.. yesterday.. I told them how i used to sing to Nasuha; Mana dia Nasuha, Nasuha, Nasuha… Mana dia Nasuha.. Sini.. Saya.. (ikut lagu London Bridge..) and out of a sudden… serentak these girls sing… Mana dia Mama.. Mama.. Mama… Mana dia Mama.. Sayang Mama…

😀 😀 😀 Sweeeeettt (well.. at least for me… it did) And it did bloom my heart and blast my mood.

Alhamdulillah… my kids are my blessings. But of course kids are kids, and these 2 are very very very hyper and extra friendly too… to some people they are extra nakal… are they? Takpalah.. i hope bit by bit i could mould them better.. kalau tak de sapa tolong pun.. Allah ada kan… like what zahraa always says… dont worry mom… Allah kan ada..


PhotoGrid_1437809686234 _SAM5188

Set of 3: in love 😀


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