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I miss u

So far away. I miss my best friend. I just can hope and pray she is well and happy.



Home made play dough

Its Maulidur Rasul holiday today (the birth of our Prophet Muhammad saw) and the three girls of us stayed home. I thought i want to bake some cakes, or finish those laundry.
But it seems to be a great day to ‘grow’ with my kids (will write bout this later) si i decided to make some play dough! The recipe is from here

And it turns out to be awesome. We rarely played play dough so my girls are really excited. Its nasuha’s first time playing this at home (i did not allow, but she already been playing at school, so what the heck right?)

I mixed them all in a vision. I warned you, dont follow me okay, instruction said pan, so pleaseee use pan. I had trouble with those glassware (serves me right)


Put it on a stove

Taraaaa its gonna get sticky like this


Divide them




Coloring process


And endless fun. You’ll be suprise of what lik kids would do with doughs. Oh yeah, this is safe, dont worry if your child accidently swallow it. They are just ingredients from you kitchen right.

Play doughs are simple, but they are beneficial for kids. From reading, i came to know that they help a lot in building motor skills, put a strength to the tiny muscles, creativity and imagination explored, extend investigation and possibilities. To sum up its for developing multi sensory of ur kids.
Its not only for girls, boys could benefit from them too. And there’s no age limit for it. Different age group would discover different angles to it. Add boxes, colors, stick, leaves, or cupcake container for your kids to explore an have fun

But the most important part it, the time you spend with your kids. Its precious


Zahraa soon to be 5

My eldest daughter will be 5 soon. Oh noooo 5??? This soon? I dont where has all my times went? But looking at my kids, time has surely gone quick.

Zahraa is such a joy gift for us. He’s clever, funny and the best part of her that make me miss her every minute, is her drama. She always says things that make me laugh.

‘Mama, kenapa baca buku atas cushion macam tu? Oooooo situ selesa yaaaa’ with ya in her cute intonation

‘Oh mom!!!! Tq halau lipas for me..tq very much. You saved my life’

‘Mama, jangan marah yaya tau. Tak baik. Dosa. Nanti Alah marah, Allah hantar black snake kat mama’ oh no!!! Scaryying me!

‘Oh, my mom doesnt love me anymore. I am so sad’ – thats when she got scolded

‘Hmmmn this is delicious. Pandai mama masak. Tq mommmmm’ awwwwwe and there goes my meltin heart

‘Nasuha…dont cry litle sister. Yaya ada. Come lets hug’

I would miss her drama, for the rest of my life

A muslim women

Such a cute graphic about a muslim woman. I think this is from owh so muslim


Where is Allah, mom?

I just had to blog this. As i didnt see this coming.

I was nursing nasuha, when zahraa my 4 yo came running into the bedroom.

Mama, i’m sooo scared. Yaya is only one-there’s no one kat luar, mama kat sini, yaya takut

So i said, dont be scared darling. Allah kan ada, Allah jaga Zahraa. Allah kan sayangggg zahraa.

And she goes;
Mana? Mana? Mana Allah?? Tak nampak pun.

At that moment i was like-errrrr-i havent prepared myself about question like this one!!!!! I kept making answers and i said;

Allah is always with u, in your heart? Then she look inside her shirt and ask again, here? Where?

Oh mannnnn. What have i done. I am not thinking would i be making thing worst when at last i said; Allah can see u, but u cannot see Allah. And zahraa goes;
Eeeiiiiii takut nyaaaa. And she ducks underneath her blankets. For a while.

I have never thought that i need to answer something like this. We taught her who Allah is, the shahadah, what did Allah do for her and stuffs like that. But not-where.

So i googled. This mom did great with her son, such a clever boy she had

These page make sense too. But it is so difficult ti understand, and was delivered heavily.

If you have any great idea of how would i have answer where is Allah to my 4 yo, please do drop a comment. Tq

Picture is from confessionofamuslimmom


Adoi drama lagi

That moment nasuha screamed nak nurse n nak tido, and the same moment zahraa a fuss inthe toilet

Total havoc

Breastfeeding journey

It has been 20 months. Alhamdulillah what an experience. Hanya Allah je yang tahu what has we mothers gone thru.
Most people wouls say, ‘syoknya anak minum susu free, jimat duit suami’ or ‘senang ek susu badan, tak payah la bangun tengah malam bancuh susu’ or even ‘senangnya tak payah bawak bekal, selak je ek’
What that they do not know that it is not easy at all. All the hours of nursing, all the pain and uneasiness, limit of working hours, limitation of what we wear, tense and stresses, restless nights and many more that all moms could list.

No one understand this better than Allah. Thats why pahalanya banyak, and why a nursing moms are raised up on a higher level to be special.

And knowing this, we are all still here. Still feeding our babies whos turning into todds.

I dont really mind all those, cause they are all expected, fully aware and i am ready for those.
I now have a dilema. Dilema tersepit like right now. My lil todd seems sick, and needs her meds. But i am stuck, cant move,nursing of course. Felt so helpless!! Kesian my elder daughter who needs attention now (selalu sangat-nanti kejap ya adik minum susu) but gosh she is now sick. Kesian

I bet maybe some other mom face this too??

Right now-mission to be the number one mom-fail

Zahraa turns 4

Last february zahraa turns 4!!!!! time flies, huh? She seems a happy active and clever liltle toddler. Ohhhh how i miss the old times, but at the same time, i am also enjoying she’s being 4. She is absolutely a wonderful lil daughter, she is a gift from Allah….with her, i’d say it had washed away my sorrow.
Well, she was 4 last february, and we did have some small celebration to suprise her. She never really had a birthday, and the only birthday party she attended was her cousin’s sarahs’ birthday. She had never been in the middle of attention being a birthday girl.
So last february we suprised her. Gathering close family (we miss uncle deen and mak long’s family by the way) prepared some lunch and a cake.
The fact that we suprised her, suprised me instead!! She was soooo suprise, so blewn away, so happy, all glits on her rounded lil face!! She was happy!!! And at that part she says, thank you everyone!-threw me out of the world!!! And her face when she saw her rainbow cake! Oh she was sooo suprise and happy.
It was such a blessing. I am so grateful we have Zahraa. Of course the birthday suprise was my present to her, but in our hearts…we’ll try all our best, to give her the best that we could afford to.





oh.. the awesome and soooo yummy rainbow case is from That Last Slice

the obedient wivesclub

Hmm have i got it all wrong?? Or have us all got it all wrong??

bye bye kids??

I have been looking forward for this day-the conference of the year-datum kl 2011 (kinda the only conference i attend every year)

I’ve prepared for this for a month-meaning making EBM stock for nasuha. It will be her first time being away for more than 8 hours. Her first to spend time with tok wan.

I was very very nervous. Sampai rasa nk muntah on the first day. But nasuha n zahraa seems to be just fine without me.


For all the EBM i took to KL, nasuha tak minum langsung! For 2 days she refused to be fed. Luckily shes taking solids.

Hmmm what do i do? Tukar botol lagi? Aiyakkkkk