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I miss u

So far away. I miss my best friend. I just can hope and pray she is well and happy.



fake phone call

Kayla has wrote her entry on fake phone calls. It was tremendously funny!!!!! Seriously. its even funnier just because I did the same thing.. almost the same thing.. i tot i am the only crazy ones.. rupanya I am totally not alone!!!!

My fake phone situation –

i – Too boring in a too long meeting.. buat buat tgk phone and they say ‘oh’, then pick up and say ‘hello? hello? tak dgr laa..’ while rush out from the room

ii – Was busy on phone-either on the bus or lrt-suddenly the person on the other line goes missing.. but I continued talking… sbb malu nak berenti tiba2.. after being excited on the phone.. who knows?

Kayla has funnier fake phone situation in her blog.. hahah believe me.. its funny

kuih cara berlauk

this is as requested by ian.. sorry ian.. lewat.. aku syik terlupa..
i got this recipe some where from the net.. but cant find the link.. resepi ni ok…. kalau nak ikut selera adjust2 sket ikut suka.. 😀

hope ian jumpa la loyang acuan tu kat abu dhabi


Bahan Inti
1 cawan daging/ayam kisar
1 labu bawang besar ] potong dadu kecil
1 ulas bawng putih ] cincang halus
1 s/b rempah kurma
1 s/k minyak utk tumis

daun bawang…….mayang kecil ]
cili merah…….hiris halus ] hiasan

Daun pandan dipotong 2 dan carikkan sebagai berus untuk menggris acuan kueh cara

Cara masak inti
1. Tumiskan bawang dan rempah sehingga wangi.
2. Masukkan daging/ayam & garam dan biarkan mendideh dan kering.
2. Bila telah kering..angkat dan sejukkan.

Bahan untuk adunan bater
2 cawan tepung
1 cawan santan
2 cawan air
1 biji telur
pewarna kuning

Cara membuat kueh:
1. Blendkan/gaul rata semua bahan dan tapiskan.
2. Masukkan sikit adunan dalam teko yg muncung panjang [senang nak tuang kedalam acuan kuih cara]
3. Minyakkan acuan kueh cara dengan berus daun pandan yg disediakan
4. Tuangkan adunan
5. Masukkan sesudu kecil inti daging yg disediakan
6. Taburkan hirisan cili merah dan daun bawang. Tutupkan adunan dgn tudung periuk kecil
7. Bila agak dah masak.. angkat dan hidangkan.

baby daania inara

baby Daania Inara, daughter of my best friend, Whooda, had a fractured skull at this moment. The neurosurgeon suggested a close observation on her in order to diagnose further. At this moment, her mum and dad is at by her side, caring for their 10 months olds baby.

I hope all my friends and every reader could put our hands togehter, praying for Lil Daania to get well hope. Lets pray for the best, hoping the fracture will recover soon, without any serious condition we never hope for.

baby list updated

Suliana a.k.a che su has been gone all the trouble and be so nice making a list for all aour babies of Studio 99.. Its great and thanks to her.. and the list is recently updated. any other coming soon???? 😀

Baby list update!… 🙂

BABY 2005 (4)
1) Baby Yanie (1) – Nurul Fatihah Yasmin (DOB: 07/06/2005)
2) Baby Nanie (1) – Aiman Nadzhif (DOB: 10/07/2005)
3) Baby Erna (1) – Nisreen Sofea (DOB: 02/10/2005)
4) Baby Nuyu (1) – Muhammad Nabil Syazwan (DOB: 04/12/2005)

BABY 2006 (2)

5) Baby Ramli (1) – Muhammad Adli Mukhriz (DOB: 06/06/06)
6) Baby Dot (1) – Qistina Atifah (DOB: 03/12/2006)

BABY 2007 (13)

7) Baby Zatul (1) – Nisrina Aufa (DOB: 23/02/2007)
8) Baby Mye (1) – Qaisarah (DOB: 31/03/2007)
9) Baby Naa + Zaidan (1) – Ziyad Muhammad (DOB: 11/05/2007)
10)Baby Haroun (1) – Hanz Hasif Razin (DOB: 21/05/2007)
11)Baby Nuyu (2) – Muhammad Nazreen Syazwan (DOB: 14/07/2007)
12)Baby Maei (1) – Wan Adrian Syameel (DOB: 14/07/2007)
13)Baby Nanie (2) – Amriel Nu’man (DOB: 17/07/2007)
14)Baby Suhaimi (1) – Aqil Mubein (DOB: 04/08/2007)
15)Baby Khairi+ Zeenat (1) – Zaahra Saamiya (DOB: 31/08/2007)
16)Baby Apai (1) – Muhammad Danish Afnan (DOB: 26/09/2007)
17)Baby Erna (2) – Muhammad Nazif Hakeem (DOB: 20/10/2007)
18)Baby Aan (1) – Muhammad Fariesh (DOB: 15/12/2007)
19)Baby Zairul (1) – Nur Arissa Zaina (DOB: 18/12/2007)

BABY 2008 (9)

20)Baby Zura (1) – Azzahraa (DOB: 08/02/2008)
21)Baby Imah (1) – Mohd Hafey Fahmy (DOB: 15/02/2008)
22)Baby Ian + Syed (1) – Sharifah Wahda Safiyya (DOB: 19/02/2008)
23)Baby Sue (1) – Benjamin Ezry (DOB: 09/04/2008)
24)Baby Huda + Huzaimi (1) – Daania Inara (DOB:01/09/2008)
25)Baby Dot (2) – Muhammad Azfar Nafiz (DOB:13/11/2008)
26)Baby Sri (1) – Mohammad Adam (DOB:15/11/2008)
27)Baby Farah (1) – Balqis Batrisya (DOB:26/11/2008)
28)Baby Nuyu (3) – Muhammad Nazran Syazwan (DOB:02/12/2008)

BABY 2009 (4)

29)Baby Apai (2) – Muhammad Zuhair Khalis (DOB:03/02/2009)
30)Baby Syamsir (1) – Ariel Shazriey @ Adam (DOB:30/03/2009)
31)Baby Aan (2) – Muhammad Fahim (DOB:03/05/2009)
32)Baby Naa (2) – Zea Zulaikha (DOB:05/05/2009)

20 comey2 Boys… 12 comey2..girls. ..

insyaallah 🙂

33) Baby Suhaimi (2) – …. (DOB:../../2009)
34) Baby Ian + Syed (2) – …….(DOB:../../2009)

cute blogger award

This is a tag from MYE


Errr.. random?? ergh. this sounds too random, making it difficult to put the together.. hahahah

1. I’m easily hooked up on something.. When I’m hooked to it… ergghhhh the addiction is hard to be washed away

2. My favorite novel ever are those shopaholic series from Sophie Kinsella – simply because I really dig the story.. hahaha or simply because – I’m a shopaholic too??? naaahhhh.. I’m still far from Becky 😛

3. I’ve lost my passion towards my job – reason: frustration, less motivation, less support and of course, new obsession*

4. I laugh or giggles a lot ( I think thats strange) when I’m nervous or shy

5. I make friends easily

6. There’s still a child in me – a fact that I wouldnt want to admit; do I have to?

7. I love cooking – people dont know that, as I rarely cook now.. but I do love to cook!!! Many who knew me doesnt know that I started cooking at the age of 9.. it was my hobby back then…

8. I dont know how to bake. I just bake a cake once, and it became like a giant muffin, errr.. too much baking soda if you know what I mean.. silly me

9. I dont know how to use a sewing machine

10. I am always worried about my weight, but never really care enough to control it..

I dunno who to tag, most people has done this… hmm maybe I’ll tag just some.. if they havent done this yet.. Babyripp, Kayla, Kudin, Hadi, Nuyu, Fahimi, Apai, Ian, Nurul my cousin and whoever wan to do this.. quite fun though .. 😛

* to answer Mye’s quest.. New Obsession = being a mummy and a wife, to be a great great great architect, 100% commitment is required, but i i have to commit to my family more 😀

how to begin a new blog

I’ve been thinking for quite a while, how i start over again this new blog? Most of my stuffs has been written in vox. At last, I decided to post all those tags I’ve answered, and some I’d like to try answering 😀

This is a tag from Hadi I enjoyed this tag

Starting time : 8.15 am
Name : Zurahanim Abdul Hamid
Sisters : 1
Brothers : 2
Shoe size : 5 or 6
Height : 160 cm
Where do you live : Bayan Baru, Penang
Have you ever Been on a plane : Yes
Swam in the ocean : Yes, last time, in Langkawi on our honeymon
Fallen asleep at school : Of course, who didn’t? I’m the master in it
Broken someone’s heart : errr.. dunno, maybe
Fell off your chair : never
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yeah, think so
Saved e-mails : yes
What is your room like : blue+purple
What’s right beside you : my tumbler
What is the last thing you ate : toast
Ever had Chicken pox : secondary school
Sore throat : yes
Stitches : Nope
Broken nose : no, just fractured my hand, dislocate my knees and shoulder
Do you Believe in love at first sight : Yes, indeed
Like picnics : yes
Who was were the last person You danced with : my baby
last time u laugh: last monday nite, watching my wife and kids with hubby (never really watched tv lately, so its easy to feel funny that day)
You last yelled at : dont really yell at anyone
Kissed anyone : of course, hubby and baby
Get sick : rarely, but bad when got sick
Talk to an ex : Nope
Miss someone : Yes
Who do you really hate: secret
Do you like your hand-writing : hmm only those with big letters
Are your toe nails painted : No
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : My best friend’s
What color shirt are you wearing now : turquoise blue
Are you a friendly person : Yes, very

Do you have any pets : sometimes ago… not now, they seems to die
Do you sleep with the TV on : Yes, sometimes
What are you doing right now : Updating my blog
Can you handle the truth : Yes
Are you closer to your mother or father : Hmm they’re both gone. But when they both still alive, father.
Do you eat healthy : I guess so
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : No, of course not
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : Mye
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : loud
Are you confident : Yes

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1) End my school with unsatisfied SPM result
2) Getting into IIUM and graduated with 2 degrees, 2 times convocation.. ahaks..
3) Dating, wedding planning, engaged, got married, delivered a baby
4) Trying to get a job and then jumped to another and ended up here in PDCC
5) Getting over my mothers death, and my dad’s 5 years later and moved to Penang

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) Take my family to umrah or Hajj
2) Build a very nice facilities for the orphanage or poor children, so they could get good education (the reason of being architect..but found its not relevant at all)
3) But a good asset for the future
4) Start a business, a really good one
5) Go on a world tour, a holiday we could never have

I am living in
1) Kuantan, Pahang (sejak lahir)
2) Jasin, Melaka (sekolah berasrama)
3) Gombak, Selangor (universiti)
4) Bayan Baru, Penang (now)
5) Kota Damansara, PJ (nomad at inlaws home)

5 people I tag
1) Liza Yaakup a.k.a babyripp
2) Liyafendi, Japan
3) Ian, Abu Dhabi
4) Nuyu, Kuala Lumpur
5) Aiza, Penang