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lets start again

i’d like to write again.. itch to write again.. but.. does blog is still in trend? does anyone read what i write? have i ever care? 😛

but i dont really know where to start. where to pick up at the spot where i stop.. but.. something has to start somewhere right..

lets begin with some explanation.. well.. errr.. hmm i dont think i need to explain anything.. 😛 (okay.. opening up.. thats what my doc said)

err.. okay.. so i am single now.. a single mother, i’d say… i am better today, healthier, happier, alhamdulillah i felt blessed…. i know i am not the perfect person on earth.. but i’d like to thank all my dearly friends who has hang around.. not judging.. just supporting and trusting. and to those.. hypocrites.. haah .. nevermind.. lets talk about that some other day i guess…

i am now staying with kids… still in penang.. juggling things on my own, financially, physically… once a while they will see their dad… so once a while i will be single.. looking for new things to do.  catching up on things that i missed…. keeping up with my works… so on weekends…. i am either hiking, working, by the beach, reading.. or cleaning.. or simply will be on my construction sites. doing things that i love to do. sometimes i have frens to keep me busy.. sometimes i have buddies to keep me laughing… i dont really have many family members around to keep me in a good spirit… of course everyone has their own thing to be busy on.. but… once a while i get to see my sister.

usually friends who got divorced will go back to their parents and be closed to their parents again. but i am not. i dont really have anywhere to turn to. my frends becomes families.. families that were not bonded by blood.. by thru love and care.. to me.. those were called.. inconditional love. hmm kinda emotional huh…

okay.. not planning to write a novel here.. but just trying to let those who concern about me know – i am doing okay. and i want to be a happy girl again. help me to smile eveyrday okay.. love ya!!

every new seed will grow

every scar would heal

lets hope and pray with me

I miss u

So far away. I miss my best friend. I just can hope and pray she is well and happy.



no sugar, no caffein?

This is allllll started with you, @yumyumx. She tweeted she lost 2kg, for a week of without any sweetened drinks. And i went, oh coolllllll!!! gonna do that too, by Hari Raya Haji at least i’d shed those kilos i gain after hari Raya.

So i made a pledge, i wont take my fav drinks every morning in the canteen. So, be it, yesterday, a monday. I skipped the nescafe tarik, and replace with air suam, okayyy!

One hour later, i felt restless. Then i went nervous, then i realised i cant concentrate my work. In the end of the day, I realised that i am actually addicted to caffein!! I thought 2 glasses a day wont do anything to me, but as it being a daily habit, I just have to admit it then.. (looking down at my shoes, no one to blame but me, so i know the cause of the migrain..maybe)

And today is the second day, i am off sugar and caffein. I thought it would be better, as I am busy with meetings. But, the moment my meeting ended, the first thing I thought about is coffee. And anyone mention things such as ‘coffee, nescafe, milo tarik’ attracts me. At this point baru lahh teringat nak tanya pakcik google.

So, sharing these tips, for anyone like me… its just from by the way

  1. Choose which day you will begin to become caffeine free, say a Monday. Prepare your body and mind. Have over-the-counter pain medication on hand if it is not contraindicated for you. Some people experience bad headaches when they reduce intake of caffeine or sugar.
  2. Go to bed early on Sunday night and get a good night’s rest, at least eight hours of sleep.
  3. Consume less caffeine on Monday than you usually have. Instead of three cups of coffee in the morning, reduce it to two cups. If you are a soda drinker, try to drink less on Monday and throughout the week. Plan on having no caffeine on Friday. You can substitute caffeine-free drinks for soda and coffee
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast. Instead of going straight to your coffee or caffeine drink on Monday morning, fix yourself a healthy breakfast. Eating breakfast will help you gain energy and motivation. Don’t skip meals, because you will need the energy from food throughout the day. If you take sugar in your coffee, snack on fresh fruits that have natural sugars to make up for the sugar you may be losing. Exercise will also help give you a morning boost without caffeine.
  5. Drink water instead of caffeine. If you are a heavy caffeine drinker, drink one glass of water for every caffeine drink you used to have. This will not only help replace the water in caffeine drinks but also is healthier. Remind yourself often that every day you survive with less caffeine will make the next day easier
ooo kena stop slowly rupanya.. by the end of the week, baru free of caffein.. hmmm so shud i ran to the cafe now then?
by the way, saje je la nak cakap.. kesian pakcik canteen pagi tadi..i walk in and pick up some breakfast, when i was at the counter paying, he send me my usual nescafe..huhuhuhu kesiann dia dah buat!! but i said ‘sorry hari ni saya tak nak air..sorry ya’

kesian Ali. but yay me. kan?


Happy birthday to me and Brave 3D

Happy birthday to me!!! Alhamdulillah i turned 32 yesterday!!! I hope Allah would bless to all my frens and family that wishes and sent prayers for me.

Usually my birthday stories would lingers around Harry Potter-apa kaitan-Harry Potter’s books and movies were out in July. So on my birthdays years back, my husband would get me HP books. Last year, he took me on a movie date, for the last of Harry potter.

So this year-errrr-none of HP anymore. Instead i took Zahraa to a movie date!!!!

We had a blast watching Brave in 3D. Well, seems like Zahraa cried at cinema too-just like her mom. A daughter n mom time together is just a perfect birthday for me.



Oh, yes…she closed her ears at the moment ads were played. Zahraa memang tak suka loud music or any kind of loudness (except for her own scream). Luckily when Brave started she seems ok

Review of Brave
I dont even know what its all about besides of a story of a brave princess. Its actually a story of a mother and daughter! What a perfect choice for us!
Its a story about Merida, a young princess who was told to get marry. She is angry with as her mom as it seems to her that her mom has planned her fate, and never been given choice what to do in life.
Merida met a witch and ask for a spell to change her mom, which she hope could change her fate. But it happens to be her mom changed into a bear!!!
So the story was about how Merida step up brave to make things right again, and be responsible of what she had done wrong.

Review of 3D
Sangat jakun. Its the first time i get to watch a 3D movie. Before the movie starts, GSC played an animation movie, a short one.
2 things i was thinking at that time. First, this is such a waste of time. Please start before my girl gets grumpy. And second, eyewew this 3D thingie makes me dizzy. Rasa macam nak muntah.
Then only i understood that those intros were shown for us to tune our eyes for the 3D movie. Well, it works.
It was great. The best part to see in 3D was the rain, trees moving, and merida’s hair!!
However, i think for this movie, 3D is unnecessary. A 2D would be enough, the animation is already beautiful.




And oh ya. Boleh pulak queen elinor ni main dengan merida sebijik macam i played with Zahraa. That makes her lagiii la excited

how to wear my shawl

i came across some friends that requested for a tutorial – of how i wear my shawl.

so, i am trying this out – dont laugh at me okay, first time recording myself and i knew nothing about video editing, so please excuse the background too

This is the shawl style i love to wear for now, tak rasa tercekik, cukup labuh depan dan belakang, and added value-rasa mcm stylo! lols

hope this tute helps


<p><a href=”″>how to wear y shawl</a> from <a href=”″>zurahanim</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



yup, i love to camwhore.. who doesnt? lols…

i get many friends asking.. saper yg baik hati tolong amikkan gambar? every day.. every morning? (tetiba lagu every morning sugar ray berkumandang)

ni la dia yang tolong saya… pandai dia amik.. perfect lighting. i like.. thank u, uu



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Self evaluation

Wowww something that i never did!!! So now we have new bosses, new admin. katanya nak re-branding the company, spread the wing, be more like private consultants rather than more like government (i’m in a state owned subsidiary consultancy) so katanya gaji pun nak jadikan more like private??? (adakah rentetan dari blog politik about gaji bos baru sgt mahal??)

I dont mind evaluating, listing all works i done, listing all abilities i have, which i think well known by the company-shud be- unless i’d like to declare i’m super fast or super brainy or super cool – Part markings pun easy, just refer to my job scope and what i’ve done, and feedbacks from clients and contractors.

Paling susah-column expected salary-and a whole page of huge text box to write reasons why i am expecting that. Oh mannnnnnnn … Why oh why.. Letak banyak nanti,banyak pulak dia kerjakan aku.. Tak letak,ni la je only peluang revise gaji since 6 years.

I hope i write right. I hope ada rezeki untuk kami sekeluarga. I hope this new admin just my life for better. I am wishing for happiness and health




bye bye kids??

I have been looking forward for this day-the conference of the year-datum kl 2011 (kinda the only conference i attend every year)

I’ve prepared for this for a month-meaning making EBM stock for nasuha. It will be her first time being away for more than 8 hours. Her first to spend time with tok wan.

I was very very nervous. Sampai rasa nk muntah on the first day. But nasuha n zahraa seems to be just fine without me.


For all the EBM i took to KL, nasuha tak minum langsung! For 2 days she refused to be fed. Luckily shes taking solids.

Hmmm what do i do? Tukar botol lagi? Aiyakkkkk

the obedient wives club

Have u read the paper last weekend? About the launch on this club called The Obedient Wives Club??? Arrr!! Geram

It was said that this club was set, to promote wives to be better wives… So that their husbands wont be socially ill. And it was said that ‘banyak berlaku cerai berai sbb wives tak pandai jaga, so husband carik lain’ ????

What??? Has this been crazy?? I realy want to see those statistics or whatever report that lead toward this conclusion!

Its such a not fair excuse!! Women today made a lot of sacrifice, jaga anak, jaga rumah and helped financially! Easily blame women huh???

I am not blaming who and who… But this sounds like bias. I’d be glad if there is a campaign for husbands too, which i think sgt sgt sgt perlu..

Kempen ketua rumahtangga
Kempen mari jadi imam
Kempen mari sayang isteri
Kempen my wife is the prettiest in the world
Kempen mendidik keluarga


I really hope there is more love and respect in the world.. And less divorce

alexa neck inner

Lately muslimah fashion had made a huge leap. Almost 3 years tudung awning conquer the arena…(after bawal being on top of the throne for a longgggg time)

Its the time of shawl ans pashmina. Fesyen tudung letak letak aje,some ppl say. The good thing about shAwl that i love is it could fit anytime. Casual. Formal. Smart. And it could be wear and adjusted so it cover the chest right.

But im not gonna write about all the how to’s of shawl. Dah banyak blog ada. Just google. I just wanna share about inner.

Remembet the style i mentioned letak letak je?? Well its all begin by hana tajima. The japanese british fashion designer made a burst in the muslim fashion industry. But such
Style and shawl yg jarang tu would reveal ur neck rite? Hana tajima came out with snood. A cool creative invention i think.

But its expensive i think. Luckily later i found alexa neck inner from sugarscarf. I heart it!!!!! Love the fabric n cutting. Wearing it is so comfortable. Tak terasa mcm pakai inner. At least semua org kena ada satu. I use it for
Swimming too. Go get one.