Wisdom tooth extraction

I came to know about my wisdom tooth issue some time longggggg ago. When i was 15. Thats was when i had an x ray before my braces was on. My dentist told me the position of my wisdom tooth would be an issue some day. At that time, they were just pushing all my lower front soldiers, making them squeezed in my small mouth. And at that time those braces helped.
But some years ago, those wisdom tooth has been a nightmare. And open door to my habit of taking pain killers..the second reason after my migraine. It was something i hated, something i had in me, something i am fighting off.

So why dont i get them out? Well obviously…duuuhhhhhh…of course i was scared! And of course i am with a baby bla bla bla, breastfeeding bla bla bla … And so goes my list of excuses. But the other reason was of course they are expensive. Damn expensive i would say. I had once brace myself to a dentist but (luckily) she said she is not doing it anymore, its a risky lil surgery yada yada (and yayyy for me at that fime)

But since last August, it had became worst. The whole row of my teeth were in pain. And came october, i could not bear it any longer. But it was soooo expensive, and was not cover by my medical. Till January came, one night i could not sleep, and cry and ….errr u can imagine i guess. And thats it..thats the last drill.

At last i visited We Care Dental Surgeon, Dr Law. And get it out. My mouth is small, and they was no space for the dentist to work on. And the wisdom tooth itself was already in bad shape. So what he did was to cut my teeth into 3 pieces, then cut off my gums, to take out the hooked roots, that has already got to my nerves. That was what made the pain keep coming again and again, with them being close to the nerves. The x ray and check up cost RM200+ and the surgery was RM670 -just sharing info with anyone who had the same issue. I fully recommend Dr Law, the whole process took 45 minutes instead of 2 hours, and Alhamdulillah i did not felt a thing! But pain and bla bla bla came after. Till today, i had a huge hole inside my mouth, the not yet covering gums, and its annoying, trapping food that i had.



Mine was that horizontal wisdom..not my pics, i mean i had that. I am expecting the same issue on my right side, as they are exactly the same. But for now i dont want to worry. My lower left jaw is in peace

Gone Girl : a review

Gone Girl, by Gilian Flynn. All i can say is – awesome!!!! And jumping in joy ( can u see me jumping and grinning) i loveeee this book!!!!
Its a book i can hardly put down- this should make you understood how much i love reading this. Its a book that keep you suspicious, and a suprise, at the beginning, mid and till the end!

Usually a book was written, as narrated by the main character. But Gone Girl was narrated by two, the husband and the wife. It begins with the wife who went missing on their 5th anniversary. She may have abducted, she may have run away, and her husband might kill her too!!!! In the beginning, the husband didnt seem to panic with the event, and curiosity came by. You could be team husband or team wife, reading this! And the end…errr i wont tell how it ends. I just wanna say its worth reading, so much

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Home made play dough

Its Maulidur Rasul holiday today (the birth of our Prophet Muhammad saw) and the three girls of us stayed home. I thought i want to bake some cakes, or finish those laundry.
But it seems to be a great day to ‘grow’ with my kids (will write bout this later) si i decided to make some play dough! The recipe is from here

And it turns out to be awesome. We rarely played play dough so my girls are really excited. Its nasuha’s first time playing this at home (i did not allow, but she already been playing at school, so what the heck right?)

I mixed them all in a vision. I warned you, dont follow me okay, instruction said pan, so pleaseee use pan. I had trouble with those glassware (serves me right)


Put it on a stove

Taraaaa its gonna get sticky like this


Divide them




Coloring process


And endless fun. You’ll be suprise of what lik kids would do with doughs. Oh yeah, this is safe, dont worry if your child accidently swallow it. They are just ingredients from you kitchen right.

Play doughs are simple, but they are beneficial for kids. From reading, i came to know that they help a lot in building motor skills, put a strength to the tiny muscles, creativity and imagination explored, extend investigation and possibilities. To sum up its for developing multi sensory of ur kids.
Its not only for girls, boys could benefit from them too. And there’s no age limit for it. Different age group would discover different angles to it. Add boxes, colors, stick, leaves, or cupcake container for your kids to explore an have fun

But the most important part it, the time you spend with your kids. Its precious


Zahraa soon to be 5

My eldest daughter will be 5 soon. Oh noooo 5??? This soon? I dont where has all my times went? But looking at my kids, time has surely gone quick.

Zahraa is such a joy gift for us. He’s clever, funny and the best part of her that make me miss her every minute, is her drama. She always says things that make me laugh.

‘Mama, kenapa baca buku atas cushion macam tu? Oooooo situ selesa yaaaa’ with ya in her cute intonation

‘Oh mom!!!! Tq halau lipas for me..tq very much. You saved my life’

‘Mama, jangan marah yaya tau. Tak baik. Dosa. Nanti Alah marah, Allah hantar black snake kat mama’ oh no!!! Scaryying me!

‘Oh, my mom doesnt love me anymore. I am so sad’ – thats when she got scolded

‘Hmmmn this is delicious. Pandai mama masak. Tq mommmmm’ awwwwwe and there goes my meltin heart

‘Nasuha…dont cry litle sister. Yaya ada. Come lets hug’

I would miss her drama, for the rest of my life

The Silver lining Playbook:ANovel – Review

Finished this in two days, yes its not that thick, but its totally a book that hooked you. I rarely reads novel by a male writer and i noticed male writer has different style of writing. The sentences are precise, and short. Female writer usually toook too many words to describe something.

Reading this book seems like watching a movie. It peeks into life of Pat Peoples, the narrator, who was x-mental. Its heartbreaking tho. I thought there is too much story on football (i guess the writer was such a fan if Eagles) but the story pace up after a while.

I love how it ends, i love the character. It was a sad story, but dont worry, there’s a happy ending. As the title is, silver lining playbook

Anyone who has read this could leave some comments for discussion. And the novel is now up for prelove sale. RM18 without postage, email me zurahanim@gmail.com if you are interested


Miss peregrine’s homes for peculiar children: A review

Title: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Author: Ransom Riggs

It is the first book by this author, and i could say, as a first book it is awesome, unique-as it comes with real pictures in between the pages.
This book is about mystery and adventure of teenagers, but the language seems to be written for adult. Its a story narated by Jacob, a 16 year old boy who was quiet and stumbled along hia teenage life. His grandfather died mysteriously and left him a mission. One that would change his life forever.
The adventure and mystery begin in Britain, a place far away from the cities. The author brings us to a dimension of imagination, with addition of graphics and pictures that make us think they are real (are they??, i dont think so)

The adventure keeps you hang on to the book till the end. I am not satisfied with the end tho: it kinda left hanging. I guess there’ll be book number two. This book could be made a movie too, this era of oliver twist, something like that. I enjoyed the book, finished it in less than a week (that shows how deep i’m into it) I recomend this to be read by teenagers, or young adult who wants something else other than love or ghost or vampire stories (too many books on wolves and vampires nowadays)

left me any comments to discuss, if you are reading or have read the same book.

I might not re-read this book, so it is now up for sale as pre-loved books. RM18 without postage. Email me at zurahanim@gmail.com for any interests.




Recently we read about Gaza everywherr, we speak of it at anytime. Heartbreaking, it is. Some refuse to look at this cruelty. Some love to spread all the bloody pictures of the syahids.
Once, i had afrain myself to look at them. Once i cant bare looking at the crying moms. Once i just pray quietly, for their safety.
But this time, i look, i stare, and try to understand. And let the tears pour. Air mata adalah pelembut hati, especially when it was for Allah. It made me think, it made me feel, it touches not just my heart but every inch of me. They were in my sleep? Nightmare??? No, more as prayers, a reason to ask more from Allah..for them, and for us here, for the whole world.

I dont have to spread this awareness, no. Everyone knows this. And all are aware of our responsibilities. And all are doing them, now insyallah.

But what had me struck was- we, aming us, fights and argue. In my facebook recently, arguements were made, on ways to help Gaza! On boycotting! Even on spreading news!! Pleaaase dear frens!!! They are fighting for life! Yet we are arguing whether to eat macdonalds or not. How shallow we are!!!

Some are trying to help while the other objected. Some are sharing awarenss while some are booing on them. In a way, i am thinking, if they knew, i am sure they knew, are laughing at us. Laughing at our losing bonds, separated beliefs and different stand.

Which make me sad. If the same war happen in our country, nauzubillah, i am not sure how strong us muslims are. Could we all hold hands protecting our child??? We may not. We may be pointing at each other blaming.

Lets just hope that wont hppen. Lets just hope we, all muslims in malaysia have the same stand, satu jemaah, not only satu bangsa, but satu jemaah.

May Allah protect palestine and us all

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Well, since i’ve made the coming soon, surely i’d write a review… This is the first time i ran to the movie on the second day of release, not that because i’m dying to watch, just due to time restriction, i’d say.
So its here! The last part of the saga, the movie that fans has been waiting for years! The time where we have been waiting to see Bella as a vampire!

Could I be an unsatisfied fan? First of all, if you are not a fan of twillight, or not a fan of Stephenie Meyer, dont trouble yourself watching and waste your time condemning ok.

I have some trouble watching throughout the movie. My first impression was:
1. jaggered. Once scene to the other are not a smooth connection..what happen, Bill Condon? At the moment I am into a scene (which was slow to swallow in) it was abruptly changed to another scene, which sometimes unrelated to the prev-scene.
2. I am dying to see the ‘prettier’ vampire Bella. I was so frustrated. She is not much different than before, maybe just better hair and red eyes. Others, she seems the same. Her skin color is still different from Edward!and she was just, dead…shouldnt she be pale-er? She didnt look like a hungry vampire either. In my mind, i did think-how they want to make Bella prettier, she’s already so cute. Well, seems they’ve not been working so hard
3. So, till the end, new ‘spec’ of Bella wasnt been shown, except for she is stronger. One that doesnt read the book would not get it
4. The Edward-Bella-Renesmee family love – I did not dig that. Could not swim in that emotion at all. Mother-daughter bond was not there. All three of them were stiff. And oh, so does Jacob-Nessie thingie..not delivered
5. Funny moments in the book were’nt working here in the movie
6. The clumpsy new vampire. Nothing shows this! Bella just became a too perfect Bella
7. Edward-the worried impression-was not there! I mean…. He remain cool…..doesnt he has to be worried or crushed or something?
8. The other vampire does not shimmer!
9. The most ridiculous part-crawling Edward and Bella. Vampires crouch! They dont crawl!

I fully understood that there is so much thing in the book, and it may be difficult to compose a rendition of the movie, but somehow viewers deserve better, they cant expect everyone has read the novel.

But, as much as there were dissapointment, but I would stil say its a MUST watch for twillight fans! Most of it because

1. Of the scene not in the book! Its a brilliant addition! It got me choked! I was suprised! I loved it to the max- not telling what-go watch-its worth
2. Edward’s hair was the best in this twillight
3. I love those more werewolves part
4. The action scene! And where Alice became a hero! Owhhhh that cute lil vampire brings in a big effect this time
5. All of the other vampires. I was dying to see them! And they were awesome! The one played ad Benjamin, he was such a character! Made a great vampire. Kate- a one pretty vampire. The Amazons, they dont look like a vampire at all, more like: bats. The draculas were awesome! Hahahahah they live in their character! Alistair, was far from my imagination, I thought he’ll be more ‘haggish’ than that.
6. Its a great ending. Stephenie Meyer brilliantly made a good start and end it nicely, the whole world would be envy to Edward and Bella. And i love the ending scene. As usual it end in the meadow, love it. This is where their love begin, and where it stay. Yup… There’s no end…its just, stay.

I’d give my most round of applause to Michael Sheen who played Aro, the vampire in that cool brass band uniform. He played the best. Voice, intonation, expression, so much in character. Jahat yang cute. Hahaahah

So overall, it ends well, as for the fans who wants more…i think its enough. It has nicely end just like that, so leave it okay. It is not their best Twillight, (i’m still a fan of Eclipse) so, since it’s not a bomb, dont get over excited to make a series of it. You might ‘kill’ twillight. Just let Rob Patz and Kristen play their real life drama.










To me,


Image are all from google. And to me that black n white poster is the best poster of Breaking Dawn, source are on the pic

Muslimah architect

I am one!!! Tq owh so muslim for this poster.
What does it means? What have i done for the ummah.
Of course i have built musolla and such. But being a muslimah architect wasnt all about building a religious building (and its not everyday u’ll get projects like this)

It is more than that.
It could be about the principle u had, ethics of work. Being true, upholding your responsibilty, putting rights into the correct hands, and being true to a contract….. Would means something to the unmah
It could be about making sure of every details you made encourage community to follow the sunnah… The ummah might not notice this, but with a small ammendments made, u would just make hundreds of people stepping into the rest room with their left feet. Simple.
It could be implementing elements that could reminds people of jannah, elements that could prosper peace and humanity.
It could also be – giving charity work ti the unfortunate. I. Whatever way you could thru your work.

Are you. Muslimah architect too? Insyallah, may all our good intention be under the guidance of Allah